About ETSS

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Hey, I'm K.D! Welcome to The Ex-Thrift Store Snob. :-) You may know me as the founder of Hair Gurl (http://www.hairgurl.com/) and co-founder of The Leo Duo (http://www.theleoduo.com/).

 Here's the deal...I started ETSS in the Spring of 2010 to document my thrifty, stylish finds in the middle of brokedome. The hubs and I moved to a smaller apartment in VA (right down the street from an amazing thrift store!) to save money & I recently stopped working full-time to pursue my dream career. Now that we've made our final move to Houston, the thrift store hunts continue. I love a good deal on clothes so it's not odd to see me shopping at Ross or Marshall's & Forever 21. Even though I love a good deal, I never really gave thrift stores a chance. I grew up going to yard sales and flea markets with my mama, but somehow I strayed away from that stuff. I would always think.... "Meh...I don't want to wear somebody's old clothes." Funny how things change. Welcome to my world of $1 belts and 50 cent blazers! You'll never want to leave. ;-)

Sidenote: This blog will document my thrift store outfits & outfits that I already own. No, I don't want to work in the fashion industry. I just want to take photos of my outfit deals . I'm extremely cheap so you may not see a lot of designer wear on here. I'm not into labels... This blog is to encourage other thrift store snobs to give thrift stores a chance. I get so tired of seeing articles that say "get this outfit for under $200." That's NOT a deal! I'm going to show you some deals....

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