Friday, May 13, 2011

Maternity Photos + Sheyna Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I'm back w/ some of my maternity photos. This was supposed to be posted at the end of March/beginning of April, but if you've read this post you already know I gave birth to the Munchkin...a whole 6 weeks early! So I'm a little late in getting this out due to me recovering, etc. I took these photos at 31 weeks. I settled on 3 different outfits (actually I wore the same jeans for 2 of the fits).

I bought this at Ross literally the day before the shoot. It's a Vans dress which is crazy because I've never owned Vans anything! The dress was $6.99. It ties in the back with a black bow.
Then, I changed into my Burlington Coat Factory shirt. :D :D I found this a few days before the shoot. It was about $5. Score!!! I've been wanting a cute preggie shirt since I found out I was preggie. I wore these stretch skinny jeans because....they're the only ones that fit, lol. Flower was purchased at Michael's for $1.

Okay, so in my last outfit, I kept the same jeans on & put on this scarf/sarong type shirt so I could show off my stomach. My sis bought this for me years ago. I remember making it into a cute wrap around shirt when I was in college. You've even seen it on ETSS here. The orange flower was $1 at Michael's.

Notice the earrings??? That's what I'm giving away!

  A while ago, I was online & I came across this online store called Sheyna. I peeked in & let me ya'll...I was floored with their beautiful jewelry. I reached out to them & they were happy to send me a pair to review and a pair to give away! The ones I was sent are called Cleopatra Chic. They're very beautiful & light. Please check out their website when you have a moment. You can even design your own jewelry!

Thank you all for continuing to support & check my blog (even though I've been post slipping). My one year anniversary was recently & I wanted to do something special for you guys. Hence, the giveaway. Here's how you can win the Sheyna "Cleopatra Chic" Earrings!

Enter to Win:
What are your fave items to buy from thrift stores? Let me know in the comments section. :-)

The winner will be announced June 3rd. Good luck everyone!

*This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents*
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