Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thrifted Belts from Memphis

Here are the belts I bought in Memphis. I know the top one is from City Thrift. There are no names on the belts, but I'm guessing their 80s ish belts. That's what they look like. I'll have to ask my sister where the bottom one is from...I'd bought a red leather one, but it fell out of my suitcase on the plane. So Delta has to reimburse me. 3-4 of my belts fell out along with it..... :-( I was so heated, but there's nothing I can do about it now. At least I'll be reimbursed....It was funny perusing the thrift stores with my sister. We quickly put things down if they were "too much". lol One thrift store had shirts that were $10 & up. I was like wth? And these were just regular ol' shirts! If I pay that much, I might as well go to F21.

Ready for the cheap prices???

Top one
- $1.50

Bottom one
-99 cents!

Oh yeah!!! I need to start going to cheaper thrift stores, lol. My mama says that every Monday City Thrift has a 99 cents sale! If I'd known that I would have taken a later flight. :0


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