Wish List

I'm starting this list because I'm realizing there are certain items of clothing that I want. I don't want to forget them...so here it is. Mind you, this is a "wish" list. So I may not get a lot of this stuff. I just wanted to have some place to put the things I wanted. :-)

1. 2-3 Rompers
2. Cropped top/mid-drift shirt or cut one of my own shirts.
3. More peplum dresses...don't know how many yet. I only have one. : \
4. Floral suspenders (I found some online!)
5. Short talls. F21 has one that I want, but they're not on sale yet.
6. A bodysuit
7. BATHING SUITS! I want to buy at least 3....
8. This dress. :-)
9. And this one. :-) Initially, I wanted it in a solid color, but i think this is all they have left....
10. I've been wanting this dress forever. I need a good dress that I can just throw on when I don't feel like picking out an outfit. I kinda want a few of them. And it doesn't hurt that they're now $12.50. :-)

And I'll be updating this list every time I see something I want!
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