Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My $2 Thrift Store Shopping Spree!

Hey thrift store lovers! ;-) I went to 2 new thrift stores today!!! Yeah!!! If you read this post you know that I was beginning to think the Village Economy Thrift Store was getting just tad bit too expensive. I went on a hunt for some cheaper thrift stores today! Sidenote: I forgot to tell ya'll on Saturday after going to the carnival I went into the 2nd thrift store featured today and it was closed. There just so happened to be another one in the same plaza. :-) And that's the 1st one I'll talk about.
I almost didn't see this was kind of in the cut.

This was probably the smallest thrift store I've ever been in, but it had potential. I really enjoyed their collection of baskets. They also had a lot of women's blazers. 2 racks were 50 cents and another was a $1! :D That's what I'm talking about! Village Economy who?
When I got to the register, I discovered my total for 2 blazers was $2! But....I had only one $1 and change in cash and they didn't accept debit cards : \.The manager was so sweet. She let me have BOTH blazers for $1! :D I was so happy. Oh I will definitely be back to the Thrift Store Baratillo!
Here are the blazers....this one is actually a little lighter than this. Both had shoulder pads in them...I'm still not sure how I feel about them. I like them for now though.
It's not showing, but this blazer is actually more red if anything. Sorry for the dirty mirror! :0

So by this time I'm literally on a thrift store high. :-) I head on over to the other thrift store in the same plaza. I believe it's called Acts Thrift Store, but I didn't see a sign that said Acts. Maybe it's the little emblem next to the words "thrift store".

One thing I noticed about this store was that it had an amazing book collection. Everything was so organized. For those of you who shop in thrift stores regularly you know what I mean. Sometimes organized is the last thing thrift stores are.... I made a mental note to come back and check out the book section thorougly. I was about to leave because I didn't see any clothing that caught my eye until......

I browsed some more and saw this jacket. It actually comes with a long skirt. I believe it's African & handmade. There was no tag or label in the inside. I didn't know what size it was so I tried it on in one of the mirrors and it fit! Well....almost.

I don't know if this is the back or front....I love, love, love anything peplum. The little "skirt" at the waist makes me feel so girly. lol On another note, I'm thinking about cutting off the sleeves...I think that would look hot. And the whole set was just a $1. I don't know what I'm going to do with the skirt.

So afterwards I felt GREAT. Got in my car smiling looking at my new thrifty finds. :-)

Oh and I forgot to mention while I was at the 2nd thrift store, I tried on a belt and it got stuck on me. Meaning it would not come off! I asked one of the associates and she "half way" tried to take it off of me. Then, she said, "You can have it for free." lol Here's the belt that wouldn't budge....

And here's my new toenail polish. :-) It's Sinful Colors:"Rise and Shine." This was definitely something new for me because I usually stick to reds and pinks. I like it though. The summer is definitely bringing out my playful side. :-)

In case you're wondering both thrift stores are in Woodbridge, VA. Have a great night ya'll!-K.D.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

D.C. Caribbean Carnival Photos!

Well ya' are the photos from the carnival. I saw a lot of interesting things that day. :o I will say that! It was so HOT so I really admired the people in the parade dancing. My shirt was soaking wet by the time I left. So imagine how they probably felt....

This girl was getting down! She had the whistle in her mouth and everything.

I really liked their headpieces. It looked very regal.

They were working it ya'll!!!
This was the only thing that I saw that looked inappropriate (in the parade). She had on lace leggings with a thong on?! My friend and I were like wth.....Sidenote: Her locs were beautiful. ;-)

It was so many people out there. This is just probably 1% of them....

I don't get the umbrella thing when it gets hot. Why not just wear a hat?

These little cars are so cute. I would never buy one. I just like to look at them.
And one of them was a drop top! :D Who knew they made a convertible for the SmartCar?

Looking back at my outfit, I believe I was overdressed! lol I left shortly after taking the rest of these photos. That heat was kicking my butt!! I couldn't wait get home and take (another) shower. All in all, I had fun and I would definitely go again. :-)-K.D.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Carnival Outfit

So here's what I wore to the carnival. Initially, I was looking for something more colorful to wear...but I decided to let the accessories do the talking. ;-)

Here's the lowdown on my outfit:

Vest-I bought this in '06. It's funny because I have 2 other ones just like this one. I have a green, black, and light tan one. I remember being in Walmart with my sister and asking her which one did she think I should get. She was like, "Just get all of them. They're only $5!" I did!

Crop Top- I don't remember when or where I got this. I just know it's extremely old. A lot of times, I just sleep in it.

Jean Shorts-You'll remember these from here. $10 bucks

Gold Necklace- Bijoux Terner, $10 (Also featured here and here)

Other necklaces- Just wore them here, but I wore them the long way this time. I believe my sister paid $3 for them....

Bracelet-F21, $5-7.....I think I've worn this before on the blog...just can't find it right now.

I'm going to post photos of the D.C. Carib. Carnival tommorrow! I had so much fun! The people in the parade were pretty! Wait until you guys see these photos....-K.D.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

D.C. Caribbean Carnival Outfit Inspiration

I'm going to the D.C. Caribbean Carnival this weekend and I'm so excited! :-) I've tried going in the past with my husband, but we always would arrive too late. Not this time! lol, I'm on it. I don't know what to wear, so I thought it would be fun to look for a little inspiration. Check out these photos from the D.C. Caribbean Carnival from the previous years. My Miley Cyrus romper would have been perfect for this, but I want to wear something different.

Here some pics from the parade that's a major part of the carnival. Warning: Photo overload! ;-)

I love the girl's top on the far right!

Wow. I would be scared as hell to get on those things!
Work it mama!

This girl looks so familiar...

Looking at all these photos makes me want to wear something colorful. Granted-my outfit won't be as risque. They're in the parade so they have an excuse. Just when I was going to wear the shirt the hubs got me....Do any of you ladies live in the D.C. area? Are you going to the Caribbean Carnival??? Or have you been in previous years? How was it? :-)


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