Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Birthday Outfit :-)

So here's my birthday outfit! Yesterday, I turned 28 (i'm getting so old) and the hubs took me to Texas De Brazil. We hadn't gone in a year so this was a very nice treat. ;-) To prepare, we didn't eat hardly any food all day. It's basically all you can eat yummy Brazilian steak.

Before you ask, yes that's a rust spot over my toe, lol! #ohwell I wanted you guys to see the shoes. I put lotion on my feet, but that spot is my "problem area".

Check out my birthday finger nails! :-) I wear this necklace soooooooooo much.

Most of the items in this post you've already seen. The brown dress was a dress, but I mostly wear it as a skirt.

Blazer- My favorite blazer (thrift store)-$1

Dress- Purchased years ago for $10

Belt- Liz Claiborne-$2.90 (thrift store)

Bracelets- Same beauty supply store bracelet and my Leo bracelet. ;-) The bss bracelet goes with so many outfits!

Necklace-Which is actually 3 necklaces together. My sis bought this for me for $3.

Shoes- Free from my sis. ;-)

Spy Bag- Free from the hubs.

That's it! Now I'm preparing for the hubs birthday this weekend. Yes, our birthdays are 5 days from each other. 2 Leos, lol! Off to take a bubble bath.



Manecoarse said...

The color in your hair looks so pretty. That is so creative, to put one nail polish color on one foot and another color on another foot. Love that.

Fashion said...

Very cute! That belt does wonders for the waistline. You're already slim and trim though so it juse enhances! :)

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