Friday, September 10, 2010

August Times at Texas De Brazil!

So here I am...or was at one of my favorite restaurants in the whole wide word. #greedy Texas De Brazil. I just noticed that I kinda match with their decor. I feel so guilty...the hubs and I ate here 3 times in the month of August. (I'm just going to start calling him by one of his nicknames: Reign) We were only supposed to eat their once, but they kept teasing us with their complimentary dinners! So....we had to!!! LOL. One for my birthday, and then Reign's birthday and in these was our last night out in the D.C area. We just wanted to treat ourselves I guess, lol.

If you've never been to TDB you have to go. Their food is excellent! They specialize in brazilian steak. Reign & I agree that the filet mignon is the best steak on the menu! And did I mention the servers just keep bringing you steak, chicken, & pork until you turn tab to red. The cost is around $40-50 for the buffet...but if you sign up for their email they will start emailing you complimentary ones for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Because there is not one in Houston, we definitely won't be going for awhile. :-( Closest one is in Dallas...Tip: Don't eat a lot before you go. ;-)

Okay on to my outfit. It's very simple.

Black leggings- $5 at Walmart
Red top (LOVE THE BACK!)- Burlington Coat Factory, $15
Shoes- Ross, Nine West, $20
Clutch- Bijoux Terner, $10

As you can see the jewelry was kept to a minimum. We'd been packing all day and I didn't feel like getting jazzy. Later ya'll. :-)-K.D.


Anonymous said...

very cute, especially the top! my sister hit up that same restaurant probably a day after you. i feel like i need to go now!

K.D. said...

Ash, you def have to go!!! You would love it! There's one in the Fair Oaks Mall. It's the only 1 in the DC area.

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