Friday, October 8, 2010

CSN Stores Upcoming Product Review!

Hey everyone!!! Okay, so I'm back to blogging at ETTS. Thank you guys for hanging in there with me. I had no idea the 1st trimester was like this! Why didn't someone warn me??? I actually go for my 1st prenatal visit on Monday (wish me luck because I can't stand going to the doctor's office). I hope everything is okay with the baby. So while I've been away from blogging on ETSS, I received a cool email from CSN Stores for a review. Yay! So I put my morning sickness/all day sickness aside to check out their site. I was very surprised to find out they have over 200 online stores to choose from! :0 They have a site for everything guys-from cute shoes to bar stools!

With so many sites to choose from, I'm still trying to decide what to review. Here are some things I have in mind though.

Primo Hook on Nursery Tray $19.95 (Baby thoughts....)

Journee Collection Scoot 73 Ballet Flats $33.00 -preggie shoes! haha

And this is just the beginning of what they have to offer. ;-) I'm going to have fun picking the product to review, lol. -K.D.

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