Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Night

Happy New Year!! So on New Year's night, the hubs and I went out to Uptown Tapas in Houston for the PlayDate event. We had a lot of fun and he beat me too many times to count in Connect 4, lol. I'm the official champion in Monopoly though!

I love this jean jacket! My sister bought it for me in college for Christmas years ago.

These holes have appeared because I wear it so much...I don't care though. It gives it an edgy feel.

I just washed this jacket a few weeks ago-judging from these pics maybe I need to wash it again... : \

This skirt is actually a dress! Can't believe I can even wear this at 5months preggie.

The top is just an old red tank...


Shirt: Tank bought for a few dollars
Dress: F21 dress around $20
Jacket: Target jacket, $8
Shoes: Nine West (I know ya'll are tired of seeing these shoes, but I love them, lol!) $20
Bag: F21 (can't remember the price)

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