Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty In Pink

So this weekend was very relaxing. I watched Pretty in Pink about 2-3 times. The movie had nothing do with my outfit though! :-) I just love Molly Ringwald movies. Sweet Sixteen is my fave. :D On Sunday, the hubby and I took a stroll in the park, got some delicious food from Ruby Tuesday, and watched Next Day Air. Well, actually it's just a trail, but I liked our walk. The actual trail is a bit creepy though...reminds me of walking through a forest The movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....It had a lot of funny parts. The ending didn't go with the movie though. Can't stand a bad ending. It ruins the movie... : \

Everything that I'm wearing is old. My sister gave me that scarf a long time ago. I have worn it as a shirt too. Those are gold accents on the skirt by the way. The newest thing I have on are my gold flip flops. I got them last year from Kmart I believe...I don't remember how much they were. They're very comfortable though. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Later....


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