Friday, March 26, 2010

Forever 21 Shopping Under $10

Okay I went to the mall today....and it was a set up from the get go. I parked right outside of the front entrance of Forever 21. Yep. I admit I shouldn't have done that. I love Forever 21. It is my absolute favorite clothing store. Every time I go I see so many pretty dresses, headbands, shoes, earrings, I mean the list goes on.

I know I'm in thrift mode, but that's unexplainable. After being in there awhile, knee deep in flower headbands & cute spring dresses, I decided I should just leave immediately before I do something stupid like buy something. So....I headed toward the door and I stopped right before I got to the door. I couldn't believe my eyes. They had $2.50 tanks! $2.50!

That is definitely a steal. One tank top couldn't hurt right? So I picked up 2 in different colors and waltzed back over to the headbands & picked out a headband to get. I need a head accessory to go with at least one of the tanks right?

By this time, I'm feeling pretty good. Loving the "new clothes high"...After justifying my tanks & headband, I stand in the line. I'm thinking "man they're taking forever." So I started reflecting on how I'm supposed to be saving money & I'm in here buying clothes. Needless to say, I stepped out of the line, put everything back, and walked out of the store with my head down. Not because I was ashamed. I couldn't bear to look at anymore clothes for the fear I would go back & buy something. The hubs would be proud of me today. Today was an empowering day. So I'm happy. :-)

P.S. I will be back to buy those tanks when it get warmer (and I start working part-time). Just because I'm thrifting doesn't mean I will past up great deals like this.....a great deal is a great deal.

In the meantime, here's some other outfits that they have on super sales....all under $10...

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TheLeoDuo said...

That's my baby....I like the sentence: "One tank top couldn't hurt right? So I picked up 2 in different colors..." How is two Ts equal to one being OK??? LMAO!!!!!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i was just thinking that i needed some inexpensive tank i know where to go! it's crazy how the prices are so amazing at F21!!!!
xoxo alison

K.D. said...

@TLD Well because they were so cheap! lol, I needed some way to justify it. ;-)

@MFF Yeah i know right? And they have them "conveniently" placed in front of the door. lol

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