Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodwill's Online Store

I found out about the Goodwill's online store awhile ago. A lazy thrift shopper's dream. ;-) You can check it at It's like Ebay, but not as competitive. Here's some cute stuff they have to offer.

The current bid is at $4.00 for this Dooney & Burke purse.

Random, but I love wedding stuff. This Watters wedding dress is currently bidding for just $26!Hey, don't knock it. I purchased my wedding dress from Ebay. ;-) Watters is a great brand for wedding dresses.

A new Hale Bob dress bidding for $26. I hear these dresses retail for hundreds of dollars at Loving the back. I'm a sucker for an interesting back....

Not sure how I feel about these shoes....but I wanted to post them anyway in case someone liked them. Bidding for $7. Fioni Black Patent Stack Heels.

Apt. 9 purse bidding for $5....this looks just like a purse I have....Such a cute person. It makes me think of summer.

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