Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Patriotic Outfit

Hey ya'll! How was everyone's 4th of July? Mine was just okay. I didn't do anything special at all. At times like these, I wish I still lived in Memphis. No city really compares to their barbecue! ;-) I didn't really get to wear my outfit like I wanted to for the 4th so I wore it again today, lol! I really, really like this shirt and I've been wanting to wear it. And we are experiencing a major heat wave so I'm trying to be as cool as possible!

In case you're wondering how I did my hair....

This park is really scary to me... : \ It's more like a creepy forest. Oh and I wore a reddish lip color. This is new for me as I'm always doing the nude lip.

I went to Borders today to finally use a gift card that I've had for almost 2 years. :0 It was very relaxing....#ilovebooks
I felt so girlie in this shirt! :-)

The infamous spy bag! :D No, not a real one. I normally don't wear knock-offs, but I became obsessed with this bag. This was a gift. :-)I'm going to do post on all of the compartments later. It has so many hidden parts!

Here are the books I bought. I'm the biggest J. California Cooper fan you will EVER KNOW! :D She is my favorite author. No one comes close to her. I hope to meet her one day. :-) This is her latest book and I'm soooo late getting it. I also got Sister, Sister by. Eric Jerome Dickey. I read this many years ago, but I want to re-read it. :-) I still have some money left on the gift card so I'll be back

So here's the breakdown on my cheap outfit. ;-) You guys already know about the accessories. I've blogged about them. They equal about $5-8 maybe.

Shirt: 579, $2.99! (Please everyone stop sleeping on 579.)

DIY Jean Shorts: I actually bought these from Ross last year in the fall for $8.99. I got home and tried them on and they were too small. I lost the receipt so I couldn't take them back..... :\ So I decided a few days ago to cut them up to see if they would fit and what do you know....they did! The skinny legs didn't fit me. The jean shorts are now perfect. :-)

Spy Bag: This was a gift from the hubs. :-) Does anyone have the real spy bag???

And the shoes are just my old gold flip-flops......How was your 4th? What did you get into? :-)


Tiff M. said...

Kenya give me that bag!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!! Tell keith Good Job!!! Anthony always gives me money or a gift card and says.."Get what you want."...LOL!!!

K.D. said...

Lol! I was with him though. Does that still count? I actually prefer gift cards for clothing. Then I can do what Anthony says & get what I want!


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