Monday, July 26, 2010

VA Beach Recap

Let me just say....I'm tired. Really tired. I'm actually blogging bedside which is something I hardly do. The beach was so much fun AND it was so much HEAT! My car's temperature stayed around 107-110 degrees. Being out in all of that heat wore me out! We rode bikes....and even as I type this I still can't believe my husband got me to ride bikes with him for that many blocks. 64 to be exact. :o So...moving right along I didn't get a new bathing suit. I just bought a bottom to a bikini top I bought years. I was going to a fraternity luau and I really only needed the bikini that's all I bought! Looking back on it, I can't believe I didn't just get the whole suit. Well, yes i can. lol....#collegeyearswerebrokeyears

My nail polish. :-)

I had fun doing my toes in these colors. I liked how it turned out. Target silver flip flops-$2.50

And here's one of my new rompers from Burlington's Coat Factory! :D I wore it over my swimsuit. The romper was $7. It has a pocket on the sides and one on top. My nails, toes, and bracelets really added color to this gray romper. :-)
As you can see it's really short. But hey I was at the beach so I didn't care. ;-)

And here's the bathing suit. Oh and the bottom was on sale for $5 at JCPenney. I was so proud of myself for snagging that great deal. It would've been nice to buy a new suit, but I didn't need one really. I hadn't worn this one in years. If we go to the beach again, I'm definitely getting another bathing suit.
And I did wear my beach hat, but mostly while i was riding the bike. So it did come in handy. I have to show you the d-i-y project I did before we went to the beach! Stay tuned. :-)


Ife' said...

Lordy lord, I need to get on your workout plan!

Eboni Ife'

TheLeoDuo said...

if only they it:O

Faith Li said...

@Ife I agree!!!

Jonesy said...

cute nails! love the color and bathing suit. Looks like u had fun.

Love the blog : ) I"m a new follower. Please check out mine as well when you get the chance (hope you follow back)

K.D. said...

@Ife' & Faith Li Thanks ladies, but trust me, you don't want to be on my workout plan as it consists of not working out! lol

@Jonesy Thanks! I'll def check out your blog. :-)

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