Monday, July 12, 2010

Walmart's $5-7 Hats

This weekend I went on a hunt for some (one) summer hat for the beach. Amazingly enough, I didn't go to F21 looking for one....I may just go there this week though. Moving along.... With my under $10 budget in tow, I headed to a place I knew would have some cheap hats......Walmart. :-) I meant to tell you guys about their Miley Cyrus scarves....$2! They're so cute and casual. Grab them up before they're gone. ;-)

Here's a quick shot of mine: a grey and black tie-dyed scarf....and the $7 beach hat I picked out!

I liked it for the price, but I still didn't buy it.
This was a Miley Cyrus hat I think. It was $5....My face is too fat for hats. Ugghhh.

Even though I liked both hats, I didn't buy either one. I need to be sure that $5-7 is the absolute cheapest I can get a hat for. #cheapskate I was telling my husband about the hats and he immediately finished my "i didn't get one of the hats because..." sentence. He said, "you want to make sure that's the cheapest you'll have to pay." LOL, It was so funny! He's knows me so well. I'm not an impulse shopper at all. I used to have that in my blood though. Not anymore. :-) I am thinking about hitting up one of the thrift stores in search of one.....I think I'll end up getting one of the Walmart hats though. I like them. What do you ladies think? I'm so not a hat person! lol....

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Faith Li said...

I've got to start the hunt for the perfect hat one of these days....Maybe I'll hit up walmart.

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