Monday, February 28, 2011

Mardi Gras Weekend

So here's my outfit that I wore for Mardi Gras. We went to Galveston Island in Texas & the hubs and I had so much fun! I'd never celebrated Mardi Gras so it was definitely fun. I really underestimated my pregginess....I was soooo tired by the end of Saturday. I woke up Sunday morning still tired! Look at that preggie face...
I can't remember how much this dress cost but it was around $10 at Ross. I have no idea where that scarf came from...maybe from my mother? And ya'll will recognize the flats from here. Oh and that flower clip is from J.Crew. It was $10 as well.

That jean jacket is another favorite of mine. I only have 2 jean jackets, both from my sis and I love them because they're both so cute and unique. My sister has the best taste in clothes. :-) I will get a better shot of the detail of this jacket later on...Good night everyone! :-)-K.D.

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