Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dinner at Yard House

We went out to the Yard House restaurant last night. One of the hubs co-workers is moving away & we wanted to hang out with them before they left. I couldn't wait to get there & eat! lol Here's the outfit I wore.


The J.Crew dress has been featured here and here. It was free so you no money out of my pocket. I paired it with my thrifted Liz Claiborne belt. The vest is one of 3. I got 3 of them for $15 at Walmart in '06. I'm so glad my sis talked me into getting all of the colors, lol. I bought those sandals for around $10 in D.C. in '07. The F21 bangle is making another debut on the's been on here several times.

I hope everyone has a great night! I'm currently starving as to feed the Munchkin.


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