Monday, March 14, 2011

Battle: LA on a Saturday Night


The earrings I won over at Clarabelle! A big thank you to Beso and the sweet letter they sent me. :-)


This past Saturday (went thrift store shopping & came up empty!) the hubs and I went out with one of his co-workers & his wife. This is what I wore. We checked out the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. It's a place where you can eat dinner while you watch the movie. It was a nice change from just going to see a movie. We saw Battle L.A. I actually begin to feel sick as we were watching the movie. I just thought it was the baby, but the hubs thinks it could've been motion sickness. The movie provided a lot of action scenes so he could be right. All I know is that I felt like throwing up mid way through the movie. Not a good feeling. : \ Aside from all of that we had a good time and my bbq pulled pork sandwich was good! Not as good as the ones in Memphis though. ;-) Battle: LA was a great movie. It reminded me a lot of Independence Day.

So here's the cheap breakdown of the outfit:

Shirt- I love this shirt!!! So free and flowy. From an earlier post: $2.99, 579
Skirt- from here F21, $11
Necklace- Bijoux Terner, $10
Sandals- These are like the only shoes I've been wearing! Ya'll have seen them SEVERAL times on here! lol I really need to buy some more sandals....They were $10 at Charlotte Russe

Another cheap outfit!- K.D.


L. Michelle said...

Girl! I saw Alamo Drafthouse and I was about to get you! I thought you had come to Austin and not told me!!! LOL Sorry you got sick, but you looked adorable :o)

Nika said...

great proportions, cute!

K.D. said...

@L You know I wouldn't come to Austin w/o letting you know. ;-) Girl, I thought I was going to throw up all over everybody! lol

@Nika Thanks girl!

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