Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She's the Cool One

My sister's shoes! I told ya'll she's the real fashionista....not me! lol

I thought I was going to break my neck in these shoes. I'm not really a wedge girl so it took me a little while to get used to them. My sister says they're made out of real wood.

Got this necklace from the Sisterhood Showcase! Courtesy of the sis. :-)

F21 bracelet that I'm just now getting back from my sister. I left it in Memphis months ago.

I just realized while I was at home I wore 2 outfits I'd already worn. I just wanted to see how they looked outside of work ya know? So let's see how cheap this outfit was....;-)

Dress-J.Crew, Free

- From The Sisterhood Showcase, Free

- F21, $5 and BSS, $1

-Thrift Store,$2.90

-They are my sister's shoes....DVF.

- $10, Can't remember the name of the store.

Thinking about guys will probably see a lot of stuff on ETSS that will be my sister's. We don't wear the same clothing or shoe size, but I've been wearing her stuff since elementary. :-) The sizes have never stopped me! I still think my sister wears the "cool stuff". lol, That's just how we roll. She has great taste so usually when I'm at home, I'm wearing her shoes, purses, earrings, etc. Hopefully, I'll be going home again really soon! :-)



L ~DIY Diva~ said...

love the outfit and those shoes are HOT!

Thanks for the follow. i'm now following your cute blog.

ThriftedbyTiffany said...

I love the shoes too. Wedges are a girls best friend.

Taylor said...

You look gorgeous here! GREAT dress and the accessories are the icing on the cake. I love those wedges - I agree, wedges are a girl's best friend!

K.D. said...

Thanks ladies! Usually I'm not a wedge girl...but now I'm reconsidering them! ;-)


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