Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Afternoon at the Library :-)

I spent my Sunday afternoon in the library. I haven't been to the library in so long. : \ I love to read, but my life doesn't always allow me the time to sit back and read. I'm going to change that though. The library is one of my favorite places. I always get so lost in there. I blame my mother. ;-) She took us to the library almost every week when I was a child. Thank you Ma for instilling in me the importance of reading. :-) I'm going to pass that on to my children (when I have some). When my aunt moved back to Memphis, she took my brothers and I on Thursdays in the summer. We'd go to the grocery store & then go back to my aunt's house to have her official gourmet burgers. :-) Some of the best times of my life. On Sunday, I felt like I'd finally come home. :-)

This is what I had first. I really felt like a school girl. That belt started bugging me so I took it off.

I love these earrings. They're different from the typical pair of feathered earrings.

When I got home I took my hair down. My hubby liked the look. :-)

My infamous Leo bracelet! Hahaha

Ya'll should've seen me about to break my back trying to get all of these books back to my car. lol It was so funny. The hubs is always picking on me when I go to the library because I always get way many books to read in the 3 week loaning period. Oh well. That's how I've always been! At my new library I can check out up to 250 books at a time! That sure is a long way from the "25" I could get as a child. ;-)

*Look! There's "Cheaters" by. Eric Jerome Dickey (can't wait to re-read that!)

Dress-Another thrift store production!, $4.90

Earrings-Walmart, $5

Leo Bracelet- I got it from an expo show for $5

Other Bracelets- Around $1, top one from a beauty supply store

And I wore my regular black flip flops with this....didn't feel like wearing heels. Which were $3....

So the whole outfit was around $19. That's what I'm talking about! Haha



Elecia said...

I love the belt and how you paired it with the dress.

K.D. said...

Thanks! It looked weird to me though. lol


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