Monday, April 5, 2010

My Island Look

So these were taken on Friday. I bring to you the $6.90 dress I snagged at the thrift store! My hubby could not believe this was just $6.90. Ha! This is what I wore to the theater on Friday. One of our friends (she was the date for one our groomsmen) said I looked very "islandy". I felt like I should've been on a beach somewhere. Wishful thinking. :-)

I was getting compliments on this dress all day!

This is my favorite nail polish for the moment...

I love that feather necklace! Can you guess where I got all of my accessories from?

My regular raggedy Walmart flip flogs. : 0 I knew I would be walking a lot so I did not attempt to put on any heels. I saw a lady and the heels of her feet were RED. I felt so bad for her.... : \

That freakin purse was so heavy. I aim to clean it out this week.

By this time, I'd taken off my earrings. I was SO tired.

So here's the breakdown-

Earrings, bracelets, necklace- Forever 21, around $5-8 for each accessory

- BAGHAUS! Love that store.....I waited until this went on sale. Got it for about $30

Flip flops
- Walmart, $3

-Thrift store, $6.90! (I know I've already said it...)

And while I was in D.C. for the day, I found out one of the vintage shops I liked was closed. Like out of business closed. :-(
Well...when I shopped there I was usually the only one in there.....oh well.

Have a great Monday!



Anonymous said...

So happy you have come around lol...girl went Saturday (holiday half off sale) and racked up. Many things still have the price tags on them btw. Also don't sleep on resale shops, Platos Closet, and (when u start a family) Once upon a child. Sharla

K.D. said...

I know right. I don't we have any of those stores here. I haven't seen a Plato's since TN. lol


Style with Benefits said...

Wow, what a deal that dress was! You are too cute. Love that coral nail polish color!

xo, becs

Wrecked Stellar said...

That dress is a FABULOUS find!! You look super cute! xo, mel

K.D. said...

@STB Thanks! I'm loving it too. ;-)

@WS I know right! Can't wait to find more deals! :D

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