Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Wedding Attire

My husband & I had a great weekend. :-) We went to a friend's wedding and had so much fun. I saw some of my old co-workers so it was kinda like a reunion. It was so good seeing them. If you read my other blog, The Leo Duo, then you already saw a sneak peek of what I wore. ;-)

I bought these shoes on New Year's Eve... I was looking for some cute shoes to wear out that night! I love the color of them.

Okay I LOVE the back of this dress. I'd seen peplum dresses, but the back of this one sold me. I wish I'd gotten another one in black though.

We'd gone to the grocery store after the wedding reception & we were both tired. Hence, we only picked up a few things. Oh and that's my wedding bracelet from this post.

My hubby took this photo & then I realized the next day that purse was turned the wrong way. Grrrrr.

So I took this one. Look at the lovely background of my Dell laptop box! :o My sister gave me this purse for Christmas. When I got it in the mail, the purse matched perfectly with my shoes. Go figure! She is the queen of hobo purses. ;-)
This was a relatively cheap outfit. I watched this dress for months on Wet Seal's website just waiting for it to go on a good sale. I knew I wanted to get a different color than black. (it's hard, but I'm trying to steer away from black clothes & get into color, lol) I have too much black. So hopefully, you'll see a lot of color on The Ex-Thrift Store Snob. ;-)

Dress-Wet Seal, $15
(Fake)Pearls- Don't remember, but got them a long time ago, from this post
Wedding Bracelet-Bijoux Terner, $10 ( everytime I'm in an airport my mission is to find a BT!)
Earrings- Forever 21, from this post $3.80 for a 3 pack.
Shoes- Forever 21, they were around $30

So that's it! (I'm going to get a clear shot of those F21 earrings, they are really cute!)



Style with Benefits said...

Aww, you look so pretty in (hot) pink! Love those shoes too!

xo, becs

TooClassy said...

Girl!! The SHOES!!! I love them!!!

K.D. said...

Thanks ladies! Maybe i should've called the post Pretty in Hot Pink! haha

Jazz said...

I have this dress too!! Cute on you! You know what they say about great minds.... :)

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