Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Want This VS Travel Set!

But unless it goes on a super sale or someone buys it for me, I won't be getting it. lol, The whole set retails for $148 here on their website. Isn't this the most stylish travel set??? Victoria's Secret really knows how to make me rethink this whole frugal thing. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!

And by the way....who's going to be looking at the The Hills & The City tonight? I know I can't wait! Granted The Hills is no longer the same without Lauren, but I still like it. I am kinda glad this is the last season though. It was Lauren's show, but now that Kristin is on here I don't know how much more I can stomach. Have ya'll see the commercial promo for The Hills? I love it, but I'm still trying figure who that is that gets cut down, lol. Oh well.... Why did the commericial just come on??? Random right? Okay I just figured it out...it's Kristin.

Anyway, here's the commercial for all of those who haven't seen it...I freakin' LOVE this commercial!


The POSHpreneur said...


Kristin said...

I wasn't going to watch this season. I quite a couple seasons ago...but the promo sucked me in. Sneaky MTV!

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