Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top Reasons Why I Prefer To Shop Alone

I, for one, don't shop in large groups of girls. They annoy me. Now....I'm just talking about shopping for clothes, purses, etc. Not grocery shopping or something like that, lol. I actually prefer to shop by myself. (Note: I do like shopping with my sister because we leave each other alone, that is until we have something cute to show the other :-). Here's my top reasons why I shop alone...

1. I'm more comfortable. I'm very relaxed alone...chill mode all the way. :-)

2. I only look at items within my budget. I'm NOT balling.

3. I think clearer. This may sound crazy, but it's true. I need a clear mind when I shop. Mentally, I'm scanning my closet thinking of what I need.

4. I don't have to go to stores I wouldn't normally shop in...I like going to Forever 21 not Coach. I'm NOT balling out of control as I said before & I'm not about to front. #imjustsaying

5. I don't like to be rushed. If I want to spend 2 hours in F21 so be it....

6. I'm selfish when it comes to shopping for myself. I don't want to have to consider/go in stores another woman may like. I just want to go in the stores that interest me & then go home. #thatisall

This is all I can think of for right now. I may have missed some.

Who else prefers to shop alone??? Or am I the only one..... : \



antithesis said...

i like shopping alone for the same reasons as u. PLUS, whenever im shopping with a friend we almost always leave with the same item. maybe in a different color but the same damn thing.

a benefit to shopping with others is that i do go in stores i normally wouldnt. SOMETIMES it's a store i never considered or a store that turned me off but on this one off occasion i actually find something. that is few and far between and not worth the risk of the other situations u mentioned, but just throwing that out there.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Concentration is a big thing for me! I like to stand in the dressing room mirror and look at the outfit from every angle. Sometimes I’ll scan a store 3-4 times before making my purchases. And its nothing for me to be out all day shopping. I think of it was me time, which I don’t get much of.

Plus my friends and I don’t have to same style, so it’s hard for us to go shopping together. I might go take a stroll through the mall with my friends or the boo, but I’m not seriously shopping, you know?

K.D. said...

@Antithesis Wow, the same thing? I would HATE that. lol

@Birdie I totally agree! lol, i will scan a store like 5 times. Seriously. I can be out all day too, but you can do that when you're alone. ;-)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I typically like shopping alone too. If I am with someone else, and we are going primarily for their shopping needs...then I'll act as a tag along.

Otherwise, if I want to spend time in one store and debate over a shoe for 30 minutes...I can do that.

Plus, I hate to say it but sometimes I don't want to be asked if "this is cute" or not.

Plus, like you said, I don't like going into stores that I hate and have to suffer in there. I don't shop at Loft so it's gonna bore me to death to go in there! lol

We are selfish!

ShanSoPink said...

I agree with all of the above! It sucks when you go out to shop with someone and they are taking forever in a store you hate or vice versa!

Dania said...

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think about this all the time. I like to shop for clothes by myself, unless it's something really special like and outfit for a special event or something, but even then.... I've noticed that with my friends they usually end up walking behind me waiting on me to finish shopping. I hate that. I love to spend hours in a store too lol. Like the other day I was doing some thrifting with my mom and she was just waiting on me the whole time to finish. I need to do some thrifting on my own time. I wouldn't even do it with my friends anyway because they wouldn't dare go into a thrift store. *gasp* Oh well... more goodies for me!

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