Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Charlotte Russe T-Strap Sandal to the Rescue!

So the other day I was at work in serious pain from those Payless shoes . Ugh. So on my lunch break I went to Charlotte Russe to get some suitable shoes. Actually, I went to Forever 21 first. They didn't have anything that I was interested in. Crazy because they have lots of sandals online. : \ I also found out we could wear sandals. I thought we couldn't....hearing that we could was music to my ears. :-) Like I told you guys, I'm not a fan on flats. In Charlotte Russe, I found these nude t-strap sandals and they are really cute. They're simple with a different twist. ;-) I've worn them twice at work already and they're extremely comfortable. :D

I was on my way to work in this pic...eating my last slice of pizza. ;-)

Shoes- Charlotte Russe, $10 :D


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