Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Comfortable Outfit :-)

Sorry the belt was crooked....

This was a pretty simple outfit. I really just put it together at the last minute because I wanted something comfortable. :o The brown skirt I have on doubles a dress too.

-I got this from F21 on sale for $10 I think about 1 & a half ago.

- Don't remember where I got this or the price. I just remember it was in '06. It was a dress, but I cut off the added stuff and made it a skirt. I still can wear it as a tube dress though...

Braided Belt
- I don't remember anything about this belt! :0

- Same one from this post, Bijoux Terner, $10

- a random beauty supply store, $1

Wooden earrings
-Don't remember.....

And I wore my CR sandals! I would like to find some dark brown ones and black ones too.

Okay I'm out....;-) K.D.


Brandiss said...

It's simple but I especially love the shirt!

K.D. said...

Thanks Brandiss! :-) It's sooooo comfortable.


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