Monday, May 31, 2010

Romper Weekend Pt. 1

Look! I match the carpet.....And the same purse from this post.

I really love this African print. :D

Happy Memorial Day! I've had such a great, relaxing weekend. It was definitely a #romperweekend. And the Miley Cyrus one was the first one I wore on Saturday. You'll remember this romper from here. When i first bought it, I was soooooo excited! And it was just $10. Thinking back I should've gotten another one. lol All of my rompers are completely different and that's what I wanted. I really wanted to wear this romper with some black heels and maybe a jacket, but I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking that day so i went with a more casual look. I will be jazzing this romper up though! (Sidenote: I wonder if they still have all 3 prints at Walmart....hmmmm.

- Walmart, $10

Bracelets-From random beauty supply stores, $2

Necklace- It's so old, I don't remember where I got it....

Belt-Forever21, $5.80

Earrings- Don't remember where i got them, but i think it was Forever 21 for $3.80.

Enjoy your Memorial Day! Sunday's romper up tommorrow. :-)


Brandiss said...

Cute girlie!
I have the same romper but I haven't worn it yet. I got it in a Small and probably shouldnt have! lol

K.D. said...

Thanks Brandiss! I tried on the Small, Medium, and Large and the Medium fit the best lol. Let me know yours works out for you! Pics please. :D

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