Friday, May 28, 2010

I Feel Pretty :-)

Yep, that's a birthmark on my knee. My mother said when I was a baby it was red.

This was my ensemble for Thursday. :-) I was really feeling this outfit. I mean really feeling it. I was talking to my mama today & she was telling me how when she would take us into thrift stores we wouldn't want anything. :0 My how the times change when you grow and get a little sense! lol

Flower Shirt
- 579, $2.99 (YEP! They're having a $2.99 sale!)

- Bijoux Terner, $10 (seen in this post)

- Ross, $13 I bought this in '08....and I love it! I will take a pic of it without anything on it in an upcoming outfit post.

Belt-Thrift store, $2.90 (& its a Liz Claiborne belt that feels brand new :D)

Goodnight ya'll. I'm beat.....It's storming too so I'm gonna sleep good tonight!


1 comment:

TheLeoDuo said...

Is this the outfit you were telling me about?!?! You look so hot!!! I wish I was home to see you in it....hehehehe...

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