Monday, May 24, 2010

Mellow Yellow

*makeup smudged a little*

So I was going for a simple summer outfit yesterday. I just wanted to wear some light colors and a bright necklace. I didn't wear any bracelets because I didn't want to. Here's the breakdown:

Tank Top
-Rave, $3-bought last June

Cropped pants
- I can't remember where I got these but I know I bought them 6years ago. I know I got my money's worth though! :0

-Bijoux Terner, $10-It's actually supposed have a tighter fit around the neck. I unhooked the loop to make it longer. :-)

Shoes- My free Nine West heels again! :D These are some of my favorite shoes. So comfortable!

That's it guys. :-) -K.D.

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