Monday, June 21, 2010

Camera Blues :-(

Hey ya'll. I hope everyone had a great 1st day of summer aka the longest day of the year. As I write this, it's still light outside. ;-) I wanted to post an outfit post today, but my camera died (r.i.p) last night. It has been acting funny lately, but I didn't think anything of it....until last night I tried to take photos of my hair for my other blog & it peaced out completely. :-(

I even tried to turn it on this morning.#cuteoutfittoday I figured maybe she was having a bad night...and nothing. The camera just lies there now. I'm so upset and sad because I depend a lot on my camera for my blogs. I'm a picture person. I like taking photos of everything. lol...Well maybe not everything, but I do carry my camera w/ me everyday. But now I don't know what to do....(For all of you who are wondering, I have a Sony Cybershot S700. Booooooo. I've had it for almost 3 years.) I don't exactly have the money to just go out and buy a $500-600 Nikon or Canon. : \ Ugh. I'm looking for a cheap digital camera for right now (preferably one that is under $50 #yeahright)

Any suggestions? What kind of camera do you guys have? Help! And I'm not going to attempt to post my horrible camera pics.

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Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Although a DSLR is expensive, they last much longer and take much better pictures. It's an incredible investment, so I'd recommend thinking about making the plunge. If not, then Canon makes some really good point and shoot cameras.

K.D. said...

You read my mind because i really want a digital dslr. ;-) Thanks for the advice!


Christie said...

Sorry to hear about your camera! :( I have a sony cybershot - it was about $150 or so, not too bad.

Love your blog!

In Fashion and Style

K.D. said...

Thanks Christie! I'm going over to check out your blog now. ;-)


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