Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memphis Trippin'

So I just got back from Memphis yesterday and I already want to go back! lol, I miss being around my family. :-( I never get to spend enough time with them.... Man we had a lot of fun. I hit up about 3-4 thrift stores since I was in town. I thought the one I visit here was cheap...wait until you guys see my cheap thrift store scores from Memphis. Not a lot, but enough for me. ;-) My sister, mother, and I went to the Sisterhood Showcase on Saturday and it was a lot of fun looking at all the (expensive) jewelry. There were some nice clothes too. I noticed that they don't give away as many samples as they did when I would when I was in junior high & high school. #ohwell Moving along....These were probably some of the prettiest rings I'd ever seen.... :D

My sister had on a pretty fly ring herself... ;-)

She almost bought this one!

And here's me...wearing my $2.99 579 shirt and $2.90 thrift store belt. :D Just another way to wear the shirt and belt dressed down. I wish the belt wasn't twisted all around....

The wind was blowing that's why my hair is all over the place.

So here's everything:

- These are some Zana Di shorts I bought last June from Burlington Coat Factory. They were $10. :-). I initially bought them for a photo shoot I did with my husband (then fiance). I love Zana Di jeans...when I can find them! They're very scarce. : \

-And a bunch of random bracelets and of course my Leo bracelet! lol

That's it...more photos tommorrow from my trip!- K.D.

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