Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Romper Weekend Pt. 2

My belt was riding all up my waist! LOL

Welcome to Part 2 of my weekend! Sunday. :D The hubs & I went on a little day trip. :-) We had so much even though we couldn't find any of the places we planned on visiting. :0 We found one of them though....Go-Karts Plus! It's a small theme park. We raced each other in Go-Karts & then played miniature golf. I officially suck at miniature golf....lol. He won of course. *rolls eyes* But anyway, this is the outfit I bought from F21 a lonnnnnnggg time ago. I think I got it in March? It was awhile back. I remember one of the managers initially telling me they had no more rompers left. This was the 1st romper I bought. :D

-Forever 21, $8

- All random and old....

- OLD like 5 yrs....

- I planned on wearing my nude t-strap CR sandals, but I left them in the car and wore my boring black rubber Walmart sandals. Grrrrrr. You guys already know the price of those.

- Thrift Store, $2.90 :D

So that's it! Now I need to figure out when I'm going to wear the 3rd one....hmmmm.

1 comment:

TheLeoDuo said...

Tell the truth....I whooped yo @$$!!!! But you know I love you, baby...

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