Tuesday, June 29, 2010

D.C. Caribbean Carnival Photos!

Well ya'll...here are the photos from the carnival. I saw a lot of interesting things that day. :o I will say that! It was so HOT so I really admired the people in the parade dancing. My shirt was soaking wet by the time I left. So imagine how they probably felt....

This girl was getting down! She had the whistle in her mouth and everything.

I really liked their headpieces. It looked very regal.

They were working it ya'll!!!
This was the only thing that I saw that looked inappropriate (in the parade). She had on lace leggings with a thong on?! My friend and I were like wth.....Sidenote: Her locs were beautiful. ;-)

It was so many people out there. This is just probably 1% of them....

I don't get the umbrella thing when it gets hot. Why not just wear a hat?

These little cars are so cute. I would never buy one. I just like to look at them.
And one of them was a drop top! :D Who knew they made a convertible for the SmartCar?

Looking back at my outfit, I believe I was overdressed! lol I left shortly after taking the rest of these photos. That heat was kicking my butt!! I couldn't wait get home and take (another) shower. All in all, I had fun and I would definitely go again. :-)-K.D.


Brandiss said...

Giiiiirrrrllll!!!! That lace tights and thongs combo just takes the cake! OMG! LOL
I would love to know what was going through her mind when she got dressed that day. That is so funny!!

But Im glad you had fun!

K.D. said...

EXACTLY!!!! I was like for real?!!?! According to the folks at the carnival, this was normal. lol


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