Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How To Rock A $1 Belt

Me playing around...(sidenote: I really need to paint my nails... : \)

So here I am.... :-) in one of my thrifted belts from Memphis. Isn't it cute? Even though it's been a rainy day I wanted to experiment a little with my clothes. I've worn this dress a few times before, but never like this. I decided to put one of my polo-ish shirts under the dress. Initially, I had my white shirt on under it. In the end I decided on the black one.

Dress- Macy's, $40...the hubs bought this for me last year.

Polo shirt- Snabbed this for $5 at a store that was going out of business....

Belt- Thrifted in Memphis for $1! :D (ya'll are going to get tired of me saying that, lol)

Necklace w/ feathers- F21, seen also in this post for $5-8

Other Necklace-Purchased long time ago...don't remember the price.

Earrings- I found these in my car...I have no idea where they came from! I asked around and no one claimed them...#ohwelltheyrehot:0

Shoes- CR T-strap sandals! I told ya'll I wear these almost everyday to work! lol

And that's one of my random beauty supply store bracelets again. I think I'll make a tab for them on the blog. I wear them a lot and they all cost $1! Hey don't sleep on the bss bracelets! Gotta go...Behind the Music: Eve just came on & I missed the beginning of it last night. Tonight is my me night filled with the new eppys for The Hills & The City! :-)

- K.D.

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